hanson cribs

*Cue cheesy opener music with tons of over-done guitar riffs and dramatic camera angles*

Look who's home!

Hanson: Hey guys! Welcome to **bleepbleepbleep** Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma!
Isaac: Also known as, our house!

Apparently Zac and Taylor have recently become huge fans of the American Soccer League!

And I am your Hanson-ish Host, Ninja Jo!

Taylor shows off his pride and joy. His rose garden! Mm' smell those beautiful flowers.

Taylor: It takes the right amount of love and caring to grow a healthy garden of flowers. Each one must be handeled with care. Caressed and hugged and sung to every single night! *sniff, sniff*

Isaac (from second floor window): Honestly, Taylor, no one cares about your flowers already! They're all going to whither away by November anyhow! Come see the house now!

Finally the moment you have all been waiting for! Zac invites us inside to view the house and all it's wonders!

Zac: Okay, take off your shoes. No touching the walls, I just had them cleaned! Don't eat over the carpet, I tell you I just spent hours cleaning out juice stains thanks to Tay not buying Ezra real no-spill sippy cups. As a matter of fact, don't even bring any food and drinks into the house. Just throw whatever food you have on you now over there in Tay's rose garden. He'll clean it up later. And don't forgoet to.. *mumblegrumblebumble*

Ninja Jo: Yeah, uh-huh.. (stopped listening hours ago, kid).

First stop.. the living/bed/kitchen/family room!

Taylor: You like this huh?
Ninja Jo (off camera): A triple bunk bed?
Zac: Not just any triple bunk bed..
Taylor: A super duper triple ripple deluxe bunkerific bed of bunkness!
Ninja Jo *coughs*.
Isaac: It's bunk-o-rific!

Ninja Jo: So wait, let me get this straight. You three share a bunkbed?
Zac: Yeah..
Isaac: Well we're like best friends. The best of friends. Best!
Taylor: Yeah it's so cool!
Ninja Jo: And what does your wife think about that?
Taylor: Hrm, I haven't really asked her..
Isaac: Why do I always have the bottom bunk?
Ninja Jo: I find it odd that this is the only thing in your house.
Ninja Jo: I can't imagine she'd like it that much..
Taylor: Hey! At least I have a wife!
Ninja Jo: Not for much longer at this rate..

Isaac and Zac: Oooooh! BURN!
Isaac: Sorry, Bro, but that was a good one.
Zac: Tay got punked!