zac's house party

Zac: Dude, you've done it once again Micah! Always coming up with the best costumes!
Micah: Costume?

Oh hey! You guys made it! C'mon in and check out the par-tay!

Check out Taylor! He's an astronaut every year.. and a space cadet every day. He always wanted to be an astronaut when he was little but the poor guy has the attention span of a rock star.

One day, Tay! Reach for the stars! .. or at least pass the dip, I can't reach it from here.

Here's Isaac, he's a cowboy this year, like every year. He uses this costume as an excuse to use the line, "I reckon I've been run down by a herd'a cattle, cause I'm seein' Angels."

Yeah, that one doesn't fly any other day of the year, I don't know why he thinks Halloween is any exception.

*In Da Club plays in the background* ..

And here's where the ultimate party is! We always like to bump the Zac's Hot Tracks Mix O'Tack CD to get the party started.

Party Goers: Party over here! Party over there!

Guy in the Doorway: Mr. Walker's coming! You know the drill!

Ruh roh..

Welcome to Zac's Book Club..

Zac: the way I see it, Shakespeare wasn't trying to portray tragedy, but, in essence, he was tragedy.
Partygo.. err Audience: "Ah!" "Oh!" "Good point, Zac!" "Yes, of course!" "I see!"

Mr. Walker: What's going on in here?
Zac: Dad, the book club is trying to hold a meeting..
Mr. Walker: *arches his brow* .. I thought I heard party noises.
Zac: We were having a heated debate..
Mr. Walker (still looking suspicious): This is a pretty large book club..

Zac: Seriously, Dad, everything's cool. Go back to the house, we're good here.
Mr. Walker: Alright, but try and keep the debating down, huh?
Zac: Yeah, no problem..

Guy in the Doorway: Alright, the coast is clear!!
Partygoers: Party over here! Party over there!