a closeted lego fan

Isaac: What's up Behbeh, you seeing anyone lately?
Random Hot Girl: (?)

Taylor: What the..
Zac: I thought we told Isaac to stop picking up random hot girls..
Taylor: Let's go have some fun. *polishes his devil horns*

Zac: Hey Isaac. Mom says you better pick up all those LEGOs you left on her living room floor.
Isaac: What are you talking about?
Random Hot Girl: You play with LEGOs?
Isaac (to Random Hot Girl): They're my little brothers'.
Isaac (to Taylor and Zac): They're Mackenzie's!
Taylor: Last time I checked, Mack was too young to buy 50lbs of "rare" LEGOs on eBay.

Isaac: I bought them for him!!

Taylor: .. and I suppose you built that life-sized LEGO R2D2 for him too, huh?

Isaac: Shut up, Tay!!

Zac: You, my friend, are a sad sight.
Taylor: Your girlfriend's leaving!

Isaac: Wait come back! I don't play with LEGOs!! I HATE LEGOS!!