the collective hanson fan christmas wish list

"me and isaac can sit around having coffee drinking contests" (nowmiddlehere)

Perhaps a little too much coffee was involved...

"you can use me and zac too" (raquel)

Zachary Hanson thought it would be just another boring Christmas vacation to Europe.. little did he know.

"I wish to meet Elf! *Elf induced sigh* :P" (sian)

Well.. it's an Elf-induced something.

"Be around for about 10,000 more years. I mean centuries. I mean... milleniums. What's the biggest unit of time again?" (jrlogicchip)

Hanson Retirement Tour: Can You Say MmmDepends?

Hanson On Ice! Hey, if the California Raisins can do it, so can Hanson!

Taylor: What the heck did you eat today, man?
Zac: Hey, it's not my fault you're a stick!
Isaac: He's right Zac, I can't hold this pose much longer.
Zac: Drop me and you die.
Guy in TopHat: Stick to the script!!

"Taylor and I can have a staring contest. " (JessicaMae)

This could take a while..

Hanson for Christmas! This aught to make up for all those years of large, multi-colored snowflake-designed sweaters.

"Jump from a building." (sassy)

Isaac: She wants us to do what?

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